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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Jaipuri Murgh Masala

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Jaipuri Murgh Masala or Jaipuri chicken is a very famous Rajasthani dish which tastes absolutely delicious, hot and spicy..U can have it with plain rice, pulao, roti, paratha or even with naan..Today i cooked it with Masale Bhat, which is a very  famous and very yummy dish of Maharastra..

Jaipuri Murgh Masala is very hot and spicy, so u can always tune it to your own requirement like me...try out and enjoy...:-)

Ingredients :-
  1. Chicken - 800 gm
  2. Cloves - 4
  3. Green Cardamom - 4
  4. Cinnamon - 1 1/2''
  5. Fennel Seeds - 1/4 tsp
  6. Thick Cream - 1/4 Cup
  7. Tomato - 1 small size, chopped
  8. Green Chillies - 4 ( I skipped this )
  9. Oil - 2 tbsp
  10. Ghee - 1 tbsp
  11. Salt to taste
  12. Few chopped coriander leaves
Grind to a Paste :-
  1. Onion - 2 medium
  2. Ginger - 2''
  3. Garlic - 7 flakes
  4. Fennel Seeds - 1/2 tsp
  5. Dry Red Chillies - 6                                                                                                                                       ( I used only 1 and added 1 tsp Kashmiri Chilli Powder as my son can't eat much chillies )
  6. Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp
  7. Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp

Method :-
  1. In a grinder/food processor add all the ingredients mentioned under grind to a paste and make a fine paste by adding required amount of water.
  2. Take half of the ground paste and marinate the chicken. Keep for 20 min  to 30 min.
  3. Heat oil in a kadhai/pan, add clove, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel seed and let them splutter.
  4. Now add the other half of the ground paste and fry for 2-3 min in medium flame.
  5. Add the marinated chicken pieces with marinade and mix well.
  6. Add salt and stir fry for 7-8 min on high flame.
  7. Add 1/2 cup water, mix well and let it come to boil.
  8. Cover and cook n simmer for 20-25 min until the chicken pieces are cooked through.
  9. Check in between to ensure the contents are not sticking to the bottom.
  10. Add chopped tomatoes and green chillies. 
  11. Mix and cook by covering the lid again for 5-6 min in medium flame.
  12. Now add cream and ghee, mix it properly and let it cook for another 2 min in simmer.
  13. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
  14. Serve hot with rice/pulao/roti/chapati/paratha/naan...enjoy..:-)

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  1. I had this in a restaurant and it was amazing. It was red and your pictures have a red hue, but when I make it it's always a greenish color. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Try adding more Kasmiri chilli for the red colour.

  2. Just got the kashmiri chilli powder so looking forward ti trying this. It's an all time fave of ours


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