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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Happy Pakhala Dibasa

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Each year 20th March is celebrated as Pakhala Dibasa(Universal Pakhala Day) by odia people worldwide.Everyone in Odisha loves Pakhala and for most of us it's our summer treat..So, everyone decided to eat Pakhala on 20th March to welcome the summer.

Today i served  Dahi Pakhala with Brinjal fry, potato fry, egg bhurji, Achara Jhola, green chilli and raw onion.

Check out my blog for more about Pakhala :- Cooking Fundas

Probably Pakhala is the food of odias just as the sattu for biharis , mach bhat for bengalis or dal bati for rajasthanis. Pakhala is an odia food consisting of cooked rice soaked or little formented in water.The liquid part is known as Torani. It's served with any fried vegetables such as potato fry, brinjal fry etc or egg bhurji, mutton/chicken kasha, or fish fry and with dry mango or pickle popularly known as ambula jhola or achara jhola in odia..Another popular companion for Pakhala is Badichura, or badi saga bhaja.

Eating Pakhala has been recommended to prevent the heat stroke during summer, So have it and enjoy Pakhala to cool your body from the heat of the summer and get a nice sleep..

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