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Welcome and Enjoy Your Stay..:-)

I am a computer engineer, passionate blogger, big foodie, a happy cook, occasional writer + painter, a loving and caring Mom + Wife...My home is in Odisha, India..The land of Lord Jagannath...:-)

I am in to this blogging and sharing world from last 4 years and happily enjoying each and every bit of it..I earned  lot of friends through this, who always guide, praise and give their useful suggestions to help me out..I had 2 blogs before one describes me as a foodie as it's a food blog and the name is:- Cooking Fundas where as the other one describes my other hubbies(writing)...Some days back, i decided to create a website of mine, so that i can share all my things in one place..So here it is..You can call it my dream child..:-) 

Recipes :-

Best way for u to start by visit my recipe page..U can also use my search box for  searching a particular thing to cook.

I am a learner, so there is only some recipes of my own, else most of my recipes are inspired/adopted/borrowed..All recipes are cooked and tasted at my kitchen.

Food is very much personal for every person, and tastes/liking also differ from person to person. So use your taste bud and imagination while adding, subtracting or substituting ingredients.

If what u make, looks nothing like the pictures i posted here, then u may did something wrong. Don't panic. Cooking needs 3 Ps:- Practice, Patience and Perseverance...:-)

Creations :-

Here i showcased some of my creations or u can say pass time works like my paintings/articles/poems/drawings/craftings..Hope u can guide me to do my best..:-)

Comments :-

I'll be very happy to receive your  suggestions, feedbacks, comments and compliments.....:-)

U can always check my Facebook page:- Mugdha and can add me in google+, twitter or orkut..So Be in Touch...Enjoy Life...:-)

Contact Me :- mugdha2003@gmail.com

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